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Here's How To Make An Extra $1000-$2000 A Month Using A.I - Latest Method Revealed!

Greetings to all you go-getters out there!

It's Benjamin here, and today, I am beyond excited to share with you a golden opportunity that can drastically boost your monthly income.

As you all know, I've always emphasized the importance of having an "irresistible offer" and "converting traffic."

The formula is simple: offer + traffic = money. This fundamental equation applies to all online money-making strategies, including the method I'll reveal today.

Remember, stick to this principle, and you can never go wrong on your journey to making money online.

The world of AI is advancing at breakneck speed, with every new update opening doors to fresh money-making opportunities.

And as you might know, the early bird always gets the worm. We're here to dive into these opportunities before they become mainstream.

Today, I'm going to share a realistic, achievable, and proven method that can add an extra $1000 to $2000 to your monthly income.

If you're ready to put in the work, you can even potentially make $4000 - $5000 monthly, depending on the quality of your output.

So let's dive right in!

My Journey To Success

Before we delve into the method, let me share a bit about my own journey.

Over the past 6 years, I have devoted myself to creating video ads for Facebook and YouTube that convert strangers into customers.

Video Sales Letters (VSLs) have been the backbone of my career, enabling me to build the life of my dreams.

From flying my entire family on business class to buying my dream car and house, VSLs have been a game-changer.

I was able to fly my family on business class on multiple trips thank to knowing how to produce converting VSL. Blurring the photo for privacy purpose 🙂

And today, I'm thrilled to teach you how to leverage advancements in AI to replicate my success using the same method that has brought me where I am today.

What Is a Video Sales Letter (VSL)?

A VSL is a video designed to inspire a stranger to buy your product or service. These videos can range from 90 seconds to 90 minutes long.

They are specifically designed for Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, TikTok ads, and any other advertising format.

The reason why all the biggest direct response advertisers online use VSLs is simple: they have the highest conversion rates because they present the least friction, leading to the highest return on investment (ROI).

However, crafting a VSL typically involves substantial time and financial investments, often costing between $1000 - $5000 per video.

But what if I told you that you could start creating VSLs for businesses using simple AI tools? And these businesses would be more than happy to pay you $500 - $1000 per video produced?

That's exactly the method we're going to explore today.

This method provides a win-win situation. Businesses get high-quality VSLs to boost their sales, and you earn a significant income by providing this service.

All it takes is a small investment in the right AI tools and a dedication to finding businesses that could benefit from your service.

Once you've grasped this big idea, it's time to dive into the execution.

A Method for Every Budget

Now, I understand that everyone comes from a different background. Some of you might have some cash to spare on tools, while most of you do not.

Therefore I'll be giving you both the "budget way" and the "paid way" to get this done.

As always, the "paid way" will always give you better, faster, and higher quality results.

Unfortunately, since we're talking about using AI tools to help us do the work, most of these tools require some investment to use them... So there isn't really a "free way". I mean, if you want a free method, you could do everything yourself, but time is not a luxury most of us have.

The Execution Steps (Budget Way)

1. Identify Local Businesses: This is where you want to identify some local businesses around your area. Preferably to pick a certain niche. E.g. Pet shops, dental, car workshops... etc... It doesn't really matter what niche you pick, the important thing is that you must be dealing with businesses.

For demonstration purpose, let's pick the pet shops niche.

2. Check Their Online Presence: You want to see if they have an online website... preferably for those businesses that are already selling online.

A quick google search for "pet shops near me" has given me the following results, and I've found a pet shop.

3. Identify Top Products: Next, you need to identify some top products they are selling. Pick products that are high in value (more likely to have a higher margin). In this case, I've picked this "Royal Canin Milk Powder".

4. Write Your Video Sales Letter Script: This is where you want to go back to our beloved friend ChatGPT and get it to produce a video sales letter script for you based on the product that you've picked. You may use the following prompt to produce the VSL script.

ChatGPT Prompt For VSL Script:

You're a world-class copywriter who has been writing converting VSL script for direct-respond brands. You understand how to trigger the emotions of the target audience and bring in the benefits that they want, ultimately converting them into buyers.

The product that I am promoting is:
- {insert the product name}
- {insert all other information related to the product here}

You'll also help to identify the following which can help in the VSL script production.
1. Core pain point
2. Demographic
3. Emotional pain
4. Root cause of their problem
5. Product promise
6. How it works
7. Hesitations
8. Biggest fear
9. False assumptions

With the information given above, write me a 5-minutes VSL script that I can use to promote the above product.

5. Create The Video: Once you have the script, head over to and paste in the script to generate the video.

In case you do not know, is a text-to-video A.I tool (by far the best in the market now) that produces our VSL video on the fly... So we don't really have to worry about how to produce a world-class video on our own.

We leave it to A.I to do the heavy lifting for us.

The good thing about is that, it even provide you with hyper-realistic human voices.

If you are looking to try out this method and just wanna get on the monthly plan, use the following button and apply coupon code benjamin51 during checkout for a 20% monthly discount.

Once the video has been generated, proceed with choosing a hyper-realistic voice for the script, and then go through the footage. Replace the product image if necessary. Export the video when done.

6. Reach Out To Business Owners: You can contact them on Facebook or their website directly. Use the following script on your first contact for maximum result (proven & tested).

Proven Script Template:

Hey xxx,

[Compliment /relate to them them first line.]

[Tell them how you can help them]
I help x in {location} /{location}-based businesses to get y without z in less than time frame… so that they {insert things that they will lose if they don’t do it}.

Just last month, I've help X business to increase their sales by xx% using the {your work} I produced for them.

[Ask for a reply]
If you wanna know more about how I {insert the benefits they will get from you}, just reply to this email and I’ll send you some more info.
Mind if I send over a couple samples?

Using the template above, this is how my email will read:

Hey {name},

What a cool pet website that you have there!

I help pet shop owners in Kuala Lumpur to produce sales-generating video sales letter for their products, so that they can get more sales on their pet shop products.

Just last month, I've help XYZ business to produce 3 Video sales letters and they've brought in $4,780 in sales for them.

Mind if I send over a video that I've produced for 1 of your products?

Benjamin Yong.

7. Reach Out To More Businesses With The Same Product: Think it ends here? Nah... since we've produced the video, we want to maximize the potential it can bring. Now, let's do another google search for the product that you've chosen on Step 1. In our example, it'll be "Royal Canin Milk Powder".

Contact the owner of each pet shop that you've found using the same email that you've sent out. Preferable 10-20 of them. You should be getting 20-30% reply rate. So if you sent out 20 emails, you are looking at 4-6 potential customers.

8. Closing The Deals: For those who replied to you, send them the video that you've produced... and you may close them on your "VSL production service" on the email follow up.

You can start selling them packages (e.g. 5 VSLs for $1000).

The thing to take note here is that, the VSL must have world-class sales script written - because if the sales script can't convince the audience, it won't convince the business owners too!

This brings us to the "paid way" of doing this.

The Execution Steps (Paid Way)

If you have the budget to spare and you want to secure the highest quality clients who will be paying you $200-$500 monthly for your service, replace step 4 above and use instead. is an A.I tool which produces high-quality VSL scripts that have been proven to bring in hundred millions of dollars in sales. You simply input the product details, and it will generate high-converting VSL scripts for you.

This will ensure your VSLs have top-notch sales scripts, which will increase their effectiveness and appeal to businesses.

Here's a quick video walk-through on using + - the whole VSL process is completed under 20 minutes.

Below is the VSL for "Royal Canin Milk Powder" that I've exported. It's the raw version without any edit but you get the idea.

Here's one that took me 10 minutes of edit (picking a more realistic A.I voice, uploading our very own product image, picking a better background music).

The above is the exact method on how you can leverage A.I to add an extra $1000 - $2000 to your income each month.

If you take this information and put it into action, there's no reason why it won't work out for you.

The scariest thing is that you just consume this info as another piece of content without taking action.

Anyway, let's get back to our fundamental equation of offer + traffic = money.

In this case, your offer is building high-converting VSLs for business owners, and your traffic is via cold outreach. How you structure your irresistible offer is crucial.

Here are some ideas:

- Each VSL costs $200, but you can create 5-10 VSLs for their products at just $500.
- You charge them a retainer. For example, you can bill each business $100/month, and it comes with 3-5 VSLs. They must sign up for at least 6-9 months, etc.
- Buy 5 get 5 or buy 5 get 10 deals...

The possibilities are endless. The key here is to set your offer and then ask yourself, "Is this offer attractive enough?"

And finally... for those who are skeptical... just remember this...

You only need to secure 1 deal and you will recover your investment on these tools. After that, it'll be a rinse and repeat process. So get out there, put in the action and make some cash!

Until next time, keep hustling, and remember the equation: offer + traffic = money!


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