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Early Bird Ticket To A.I eBook Freedom 3 Days Live Event (Mid of August - date to be announced)

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If you follow every step of my training and still don't see results, I'll refund you every penny you paid!


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Here's What You'll Get:

3 Days Access to A.I. eBook Freedom Business Live Training
Exact formula to run a 5-figure monthly A.I eBook business
Offer building blueprint - how to build an offer that can scale to 6-7 figures per year
Dummy-Proof Technical Guidance - step-by-step, easy to follow walk-through of every single step from A-Z. Even a 12-year old can do it
Business in a box - you get all our proven sales funnel, our proven main salesletter template. Just 1-click to import
Proven ad copy template - our proven 6-fig a month adcopy template that's proven to get sales and conversions
Insert the blank ChatGPT Prompts - to produce you content without you even have to think about it. Leave it all to A.I.
Paid Ads Mastery - you'll learn how to drive traffic profitably using our proven paid ads strategy
Video Recording of the whole 3 days session - so that you can have a reference point and step-by-step guide to follow afterward

Early Bird Bonuses (Limited to first 50 only):

Our personal eBook Success Calculator ($299 Value)
Ultimate Niche List - Pick your niche and decide on your market easily ($299 Value)
Done-For-You ChatGPT Prompts - For effortless success ($4999 Value)
Upsell 1 & 2 Sales Letter Template & ChatGPT Prompts - you'll for sure get a higher AOV with this proven upsell templates ($4999 Value)
Advanced Traffic Strategy with storytelling template  ($1999 Value)
3 Months Private Mastermind Direct Access ($149 Value)
Lightning-Fast website setup process ($999 Value)

Total Bonus Value: $13700+

Alice, Singapore

Verified Customer

"It was definitely mind-blowing for me. Ben made the whole training very simple, and definitely good for beginner like myself to follow. Highly recommended!"

Elfin Low, Singapore

Verified Customer

"The content was amazing! It talked about creating ad, using storytelling to attract and bringing in customers to your business."


Verified Customer

"Highly recommended to entrepreneurs who want to grow your customer base and start making passive income!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will this event be held?

It'll be a 3 days, virtual workshop that will be conducted over Zoom call.

When is it?

Tentatively will be held in mid of August. Date and time to be confirmed.

How long will it take each day?

Roughly 4-5 hours per day. Depending on the progress. If we cannot cover everything, we will do another one so that you can get what you pay for.

Will there be a recording?

Yes. The 3 days live event will be recorded and made available in your member's area once it's over. Allow us 5-7 days after the event to process the videos before you can access them.

I can't decide since the time and date have yet to be confirmed?

We will try to accommodate the time and date when the majority most prefers it. If needed, we will consider doing another 3-day live event at a different timezone to suit those from another side of the world.

We will try to make sure at least 90% of our students can join us live since this event is about participation and transformation. We will do our best to make sure you can enjoy the experience together with other members.

What do I need to prepare to attend this event?

You'll have to buy your flight ticket... just kidding.

Since it's a virtual, online event... You only need an active internet connection, and a device to join. We recommend you use a desktop/laptop since mobile phones could run out of battery. Also, notes and pens 🙂

How about the early bird ticket price and bonuses?

We are limiting the early bird ticket price $368 for the first 50 people who register and pay.

After that the price will revert to $497 and you will not see the $368 price tag anymore.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You know how it works. I always emphasize getting you the outcome that you want. If you have implemented everything that I teach on this live event, and you do not see any result or improvement in the next 60 days. Just write to us at support@aiincomeformoms.com and you'll get every single penny back.

Is this for me?

I don't want to sound harsh... but if you have "just enough" to put food on the table for your family... then probably this is not for you.

As much as we say that an A.I eBook business can provide you with a 5-fig monthly income, you will need to put in the hard work and investment to make it work. It's no different than starting a business.

You'll need to spend on ads, hardware and software... and taking risks too. After all, that's what you have to go through when starting a business.

Only proceed if you have the extra funds to start a business, or you are looking for a counterintuitive way to improve your existing eBook business.

* This is not a get-rich overnight program

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