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fast track your earning & skip the guess work with tailored express launch bundle

No two people are the same, and neither should their journeys to success be. This is why we've crafted three specialized bundles, each tailored to your needs, goals, and financial capabilities. Whether you're keen on securing a stable active income or diving deep into the world of passive earnings, we have the perfect route charted out for you.

Here's everything you're getting with your upgrade:

Proven Prompts & Templates - for you to kick start your business on day 1
A.I Tool Mastery Training - walk you step by step using the tools
Step-by-step Video Guidance - just follow and implement to see results
Client Attraction System - how to attract 10 clients a month using this
Advanced Training - exclusive access to our advanced training
Workflow Optimization - how to best doing it with your busy schedule
Client Acquisition Blueprint - get your clients to pay you monthly
AIFM Community Access - get help & support from community members
You can Fast-track Your Success within 14 days
You can Save Time by removing the guess works
You can Accelerate Client Acquisition in 14 days
You can Master AI Tools in just 7 days
You get Instant Access To Exclusive Resources
You can Minimize Your Learning Curve
You can Maximize your Time and Productivity
And if you're not happy for any reason it's backed by a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee

select your option below:

Option 1
Active income bundle

For those who want to secure a steady flow of income in the near term and carve out a reliable, recurring financial stream using the power of A.I.

Best choice if you:

Are currently facing financial challenges and need an immediate way out.
Desire a clear, actionable path with manageable steps and strategies.
Believe in the power of A.I. but aren’t sure where to start or how to harness it for consistent earnings.

Regular Price: $197

Today Only: $47.00

Option 2
passive income bundle

For those who want to dive into the world of entrepreneurship with a focus on building a passive income stream through a successful A.I eBook business.

Best choice if you:

Aspire to create a business that generates money while you sleep.
Are willing to invest a bit more time upfront for long-term benefits.
Seek both technical know-how and strategic guidance to stand out in the bustling eBook market.

Regular Price: $197

Today Only: $47.00

Option 3
ultimate bundle (includes both active & passive income)

Most Popular

For those who want to fully harness the spectrum of opportunities A.I. offers, from active income strategies to passive revenue streams, without the constraints of picking just one path.

Best choice if you:

Believe in diversifying your income sources for maximum financial security.
Want to save by getting the comprehensive benefits of both packages in one.
Are committed to a long-term vision and seek exponential growth in both active and passive income realms.

Regular Price: $497

SAVE 85%

Today Only: $67.00

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